Krohpit ATV 8x8 Gyro 1/10 RC

At now I create the new off-road chassis 8x8x8 with spare parts of Traxxas Summit, E-Maxx.
The car will be the board transmission and allow for turning on the spot, as well as to classical steer.

Still going to control clearance and horizontal suspension, with the electro servo.

Main components:
1. Main controller - Crius All In One Pro Flight Controller based Arduino Mega 256.
2. Radio - Turnigy 9x.
3. Dual Tekin RX8 ESC + Tekin 1350kV Motor system.
4. Dual Gear box Traxxas Summit 1/10 Dual Speed.
5. Servo Titanium Gear XQ-S4120D HV 20kg - 12pcs (4 for steering, 8 for suspension)
6. Disks Maximizer 3,2" + Rock Crusher Maxx 3,2 - 8pcs
7. CVD from E-Revo: TRA5451R, TRA5650R, T-Maxx TRA4949R.

Chassis various variants will be 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, etc. on the basis of which will be made by different cars:
3. Traxxas Summit/E-Maxx 4x4 scale 1/10

The first stage - manufacturing gear box.


Servo Titanium Gear XQ-S4120D HV 20kg

Chassis make of aluminum corner 35х35х2мм.

Get a basic chassis 4x4, which will continue to scale up to 8x8.
The frame is not one piece, and will consist of segments connecting the gear box as requires less metal and can easily make the chassis 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and so on.

Made a prototype suspension for clearance control (not the final version)

Servo voltage - 6V, max current - 1,2A.

the final version of the suspension

E-Revo TRA5650R, T-Maxx TRA4949R

Tekin RX8 1350kV

Sealing ESC

First 4x4 module
Load capacity of about 5 kg. Maximum current consumption of electric suspension 2A from 3S LiPo.

Frame 8x8 preliminary assembly

making grooves on the shaft by a lock washer

Motor and gearbox mount

Bracket steering linkage

 Motor and gear box hold on the frame 

Billets rockers the steering linkage

First run

Steering rocking ready

Steering rocker decided to collect without threaded connections, with only one lock washer. Or it is possible do the fixing screw for axis. The main thing in this design - nothing sticks down the chassis.

Did the steering linkage to the first pair of wheels.

8WD Rig

19.07.2013 - The chassis is ready.
Added square profile on top chassis which is mounted the control system box, cooling fans of motors and controllers, servo distribution blocks and will be hooked on a body.

 From the bottom made ​​a one piece skid plate.
Working with the controller ...

09.09.2013 - Painted chassis parts

Made a beta version of the firmware of the controller.
Start shooting video: Building, Demonstration main features, Test drives ...

09.10.13 Made a small photo report after Assembly

The wheel can be rotated differently

BTR-80 building log

Clearance control

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