Traxxas Summit/E-Maxx 4x4 1/10 Krohpit edition ENG

Traxxas Summit/E-Maxx 4x4 1/10 Krohpit edition
Started production of cars 4x4 version on the basis of previously developed chassis Krohpit ATV 8x8.
Exterior view is similar to Traxxas Summit 4x4, suspension parts Traxxas E-Maxx.
The rest will remain the same functional Krohpit ATV 8x8: side transmission, variable ground clearance, gyroscopic stabilization, independent steering for each wheel.

25.01.2014 Milling aluminum frame corner 40x40x3mm


27.03.2014 Doing screw drive clearance adjustment on the basis of standard servos.
This will relieve the motor serv from the static load due to which the motors overheat serv, but will deteriorate the performance.
Screw comes into servo through the threads on the output gear. Variable resistor of feedback on the reverse side gears removed and replaced by a linear variable resistor.
From dirt and moisture screws protected by rubber corrugations

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