RC Topol-M (MZKT-79221) 16x16 scale 1/10 based on Krohpit ATV Part1

RC Topol-M (MZKT-79221) 16x16 scale 1/10 based on Krohpit ATV Part1
25.11.2013 Doing missile complex "Topol-M".

Info about tractor MZKT-79221 wikipedia.org missile complex Topol-M wikipedia.org

MZKT-79221 based of My Krohpit ATV chassis version 16x16.

This chassis is using hybrid power system consisting of a fuel engine work in a pair with the motor-generator, batteries and motors of the board transmission.

Info and testing  Hybrid car power station.

All ESC are sealed thermally conductive compound.

Original drawing


12.01.2014 Blanks for the frame.
40x40x3 mm aluminum profile.

To recharge the onboard LiPo battery charger took unmanageable.

25.01.2014  Frame elements milled

31.01.2014 Center frame

29.03.2014 Made new version shaft and gear coupling

Old version (BTR-80 8x8)

10.04.2014 Center frame gear assembled and connected drive shafts

16.10.2014 Center frame 16x16

19.01.2015 Bottom part of the frame.
Painted gears.

26.02.2015 Prepared a set of springs with shocks. 32 pieces for the entire machine.
 Traxxas Shocks E-MAXX TRA4962 Big Bore with spring three times stiffer original - 5kg compression instead of 1,6kg in the original E-MAXX.

E-Maxx Black Three Rate Springs Set (8 pcs) Krohpit Editions
Specially for models with metal body
12USD + shipping
If you need such a spring contact me: krohpit@gmail.com

02.03.2015 Top part of the frame.

29.03.2015 Install the spring and motors

30.04.2015 Adjust the steering servo.
Each wheel is the personal drive for implementing additional functionality Control as it was on the BTR-80.
Now axes are controlled similarly to the original car - 1,2,3,6,7,8.
The axes 4 and 5 are fixed, but the servo mount made for the future.


Installed servo for shifting gear in the gearbox.

Comparison with a plastic model of the old Topol scale 1/72

Load test frame

09.05.2015 Installed motor-generator to the frame with rubber mounts.

28.07.2015 Place the cooling system.
As a fan - 50mm EDF

Provisional connection of the control system
 Additional PWM controller to increase the number of outputs to actuators, connected via I2C bus
 Servo BEC

Now the picture has turned out not presentable

I write the firmware for a test drive ...

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