Druming tank BTR-80 8x8 with MIDI interface

Druming tank BTR-80 8x8 with MIDI interface based Arduino Mega 2560

There was little idea entertaining character - make a musical assistant from BTR-80 8x8 with controlled suspension - let him play on the drum set :-)

In the tank personal control clearance of each of the 8-wheels.
Wheel is placed on the drum pedal, which performs the drum kick.
Each wheel will be banging his drum in accordance with the written note. The notes are transmitted from a computer or synthesizer by standard musical MIDI interface.
For playing will use the four wheels: two wheels for double bass drum pedal, one wheel for snare tom drum pedal and one for the pedal hi-hat cymbals.

24.01.2014 For a start it took to make an adapter with a standard five-pin MIDI connector to Arduino. It uses a simple little circuit with optocoupler.

 The whole scheme can be packed inside the connector
Alternative embodiment
11.03.2014 Pre-assembled music stand.
Two wheels on the cardan bass drum, one wheel on the snare drum and another on the hi-hat.
 To record using a multichannel soundcard Audiotrak MAYA 1010 and 8-channel mic preamp Focusrite OctoPre MK2 Dynamic

 Drum set Mapex, cymbals Sabian, Shure microphones

28.03.2014 Change to a more powerful servos.
In servos XQ-s4120d-hv-20kg Coreless motor, it collector is melted from such a load.
Installing Brushless servo - two Blue-Bird-BLS-3114-31kg and two Turnigy-Trackstar-TS-910-30kg

25.07.2014 Some free time - recorded the video clip with the tank on drums.
It remains mount video ...

13.05.2015 Video

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