Simple LiPo charger ImaxRC B4 inside

Simple LiPo charger ImaxRC B4 inside

Simple to use
Compact size
Automatic charging of 2~4S batteries
Up to 4A (max 35W) charge rates

Operating Voltage: 11~18V DC
Charge Power: 35W max
Charge Current: 4A max; Charging process will monitor battery capacity continually and adjust charge current as necessary. 
Balancing Current: 200mA/cell
Lipoly Cell Count: 2~4 cell (7.4V~14.8V)
Dimensions: 100x63x34mm

 Похоже, что это предыдущая ревизия, просто не стали регулятор тока на верхнюю панель выводить. Замуровали )))

Simple Lipo charger ImaxRC B6 inside

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