RC BTR-80 8x8 1/6 scale based on Krohpit ATV

Armoured personnel carrier BTR-80 8x8 1/6 scale.
Info about BTR-80 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTR-80

BTR-80 based of My Krohpit ATV chassis version 8x8.

Body made of galvanized steel thickness 0.4mm.
Made by soldering, solder Sn61 soldered with acid flux. Soldering is best used to 100W. Parts before soldering tin plating is necessary, and during the soldering hard pressed to each other, because sheet beginning to warp from the heat.
Inside the body three longitudinal and four transverse longeron of same sheet metal.
The body turned out quite stiff, but calls as can, so both internal cavity to be filled with mounting foam.

Copy quality models are not high because chassis made ​​for the active drive. In addition, modified underbody to dock with the chassis. Tower hard soldered to the body.

Body dimensions - 1200x450mm.
Body weight - 6kg.
Total weight - 21kg.

In the photo to compare plastic model scale 1/35.

19.07.13 - The iron of the body is almost ready. It remains to put the headlights and two front door. The guns will not be for security purposes.
 Further fill with foam and painting ...

07.08.13 Made the headlamps.
Inside is a LED CREE XML T6 and driver.

17.08.13 Did the rear lights and filled with foam inner volume of the body.

Inside, the two red LEDs light to 1W - parking lights and brake lights. Inside the lantern painted with white paint and filled with epoxy. Later, painted with red lacquer.
With foam it did not work very well. In the garage, where cool enough, the foam does not rise, and it took 4 standard cans, but I was counting on the 1. Later left the body in the trunk of a car in the sun, where the foam is very good rose.
In the end, add the weight of the body is very.
Next, trim foam, installing mounting plates to the chassis, preparation for painting ...

Primed body

 22.09.13 - Body finished

Painting BTR-80 body

09.10.13 Armoured personnel carrier BTR-80 assembled

BTR-80 building log

09.11.2013 The beta version of the firmware of the main controller based Multiwii 2.2.

17.11.2013 Сhanged the springs from E-MAXX to KAMAZ (ПГУ 5320-1609565)
Ideal for weight of my body.
 Changed the plastic to aluminum servo arm.
24.11.2013 First race

Clearance control

03.01.2014 Repaired wheel drive, now a full 8x8.
We've got ice, but it very well pull two sleds with four children :-)

06.01.2014 Storm the water barriers.
Snowy ravine.

24.01.2014 Making druming tank from BTR-80 - http://www.krohpit.ru/2013/11/btr-80-8x8-midi-eng.html

23.02.2014 The blank cannon. Attached to the tower by magnet.

02.03.2014 Near VVC (All-Russian Exhibition Center)


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