Inside Servo Titanium Gear XQ-S4120D HV 20kg

Inside 20kg 2S lipo Metal heavy Servo Titanium Gear XQ-S4120D High voltage coreless 56G

Buying 12 servo XQ-S4120D for install to my BTR-80

15.10.13 Trouble with one of twelve servo:
 Demage gear

24.10.13 Trouble with second of twelve servo:
Broke down a similar gear. Motor becomes unstable.

20.12.13 Received a parcel with gears - sent three full sets. Free.

As indicated specification, the gears of titanium. This is not true: the first, second and third gear aluminum/steel, aluminum output gear. Coreless motor. Water protection seals.

27.03.2014 Demage coreless motor collector.

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