Traxxas E-Revo 6x6

 Traxxas E-Revo 6x6 1/16

Manufacturing middle-through gearbox.

In the back of the drill hole bulkhead coaxial with the inlet pinion drill diameters less than 8 mm, as from drill hole turns out not quite round. Next emery barrel 8mm diameter hole be advised.
Closer to the driven gear needs a bit bore hole obtained by analogy with the inlet to gear fits. I did this emery barrel.
Next, you need to focus between the bearings, such as epoxy resin.
Cover pre-made ​​hole super glue, because epoxy adheres poorly to this plastic.
Apply the epoxy to both halves bulkhead where the drilled hole.
Top cover with a thin adhesive cellophane.
Put the pinion bearings.
Connecting parts and tightening screws to dry resin.

CVD shaft between axes is done by shortening the rear CVD.
Cut the coupling strip of aluminum.

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