RC Topol-M (MZKT-79221, KAMAZ-7850) 16x16 scale 1/10 based on Krohpit ATV Part2

RC Topol-M YARS (MZKT-79221, KAMAZ-7850) 16x16 scale 1/10 based on Krohpit ATV Part2

Beginning - Part1

05.08.16 3D printed disk cover

22.08.16 The first cap by mistake made by the old version of the "Topol", all corrected and improved.

3D Model STL Topol disk cover
3D Model STL Topol-M disk cover

15.09.16 Left cap
Steel 1mm


3D model STL cabin all Topol-M
3D model STL cabin left Topol-M
3D model STL cabin right Topol-M
3D model STL Full case Тороль-М v1

03.01.2017 Add right cabin

Coupling washers for hubcaps and wheel covers
 Wheel covers printed in ABS plastic, then they were treated with an acetone bath to smooth texture and painted black primer to reduce gloss (pictured without treatment)

20.06.2017 Painted.

I bought a linear drive for Aliexpress to lift the missile.
The effort is 150kg.

12.01.2018 Video


Taag said...


very nice model! Have you already completed it? Is there a third part?
Good luck!!

Krohpit said...


At the moment I am working on the continuation of the construction.
1. I have a detailed 3D model of Topol-M.
2. I am working on a hybrid power plant: batteries, active balancer, active three-phase rectifier, etc.